Aliansi Selamatkan Anak Indonesia/ASA Indonesia,  the Save the Children of Indonesia Alliance  was established in 2006 by likeminded friends and activists to stop the spread of exposure of children to cheap pornography through many communication channels.  ASA Indonesia was formed at Inke Maris & Associates with Inke Maris as Secretary General, in support of the Anti-Pornography Bill, which was stuck for over 10 years before the House of Representative (DPR) decided to pass it into law in 2008.  ASA Indonesia  succesfully added clauses in the Bill to protect children,   such as prohibiting the duplicating and forwarding of pornographic material  through handphones,  and DVDs,  prohibiting entry to school children to internet shops that offer pornography.  ASA Indonesia’s study study, pornographic contents were massively reproduced and distributed through VCD/DVD, online websites, internet cafes, mobile phones, and adult magazines, and these could be easily and cheaply purchased by anyone, including children, in Jakarta and remote parts of Indonesia.

ASA Indonesia’s Secretary General Mrs. Inke Maris, in collaboration with like-minded activists, rolled out a campaign to approach factions in the House of Representatives (DPR) and Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), and reached out to several humanitarian organizations including Indonesian Women's Congress (Kowani), the Child Protection Commission, Muslimat NU, and Dharmawanita. Mrs. Inke Maris at the time also delivered a presentation on the dangers of pornography among children in front of the former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia Mr. Mahfud MD and government representatives including the Communication and Information Minister and Youth and Sports Minister.  The basis of ASA Indonesia campain is the Law for the Protection of Childrens Rights number 23, 2020.

In her journey to support children’s rights, Mrs. Inke Maris was appointed by the Women Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry to become a member of the Ministry task force to review Pornography Bill.  Mrs. Inke Maris was also part of the Ministry’s delegation to the UN’s 51st Commission on the Status of Women: Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination and Violence Against the Girl Child in New York, February 2007, and was invited and attended the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking in February 2008. The campaign which sought to ratify the Anti-Pornography Bill was met with resistance from several politicians, cultural observers, and feminists, who then filed for a judicial review in the Constitutional Court, and who lost.  When the trial began, Mrs. Inke Maris was summoned as an expert witness in her capacity as communications consultant.  

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