Operette Aku Anak Rusun is a musical cast and played by children whose parents were moved by the local government from slum areas to low cost high rise buildings in  Jakarta.  IM&A was entrusted as the Official PR Partner for the Operette Aku Anak Rusun since 2017 and supported by our strong media network, Operette Aku Anak Rusun garnered positive coverage throughout the whole production, from the stage preparations and even after the first opening night. IM&A had collaborated with stakeholders to provide the required amenities, help prepare the venue, and raise funds through sponsorship to create a spectacular show.

Making its first debut in 2017, Operette Aku Anak Rusun is a live musical drama that tells stories of children living in low-cost apartments (rusun) in Jakarta. The musical drama, which initiated by Ibu Veronica Tan and organized by musician community Soundkestra and social foundation Yayasan Waroeng Imaji. The musical drama project was hoped to become a platform for children to develop their talents in performing music and arts.

In 2019, Operette Aku Anak Rusun presented its latest performance "Selendang Arimbi" (Arimbi’s Scarf) emphasizing the value of tolerance, solidarity, and courage to achieve one’s dreams. The show involved children from the low-cost apartments of Rawa Bebek and Pulo Gebang in East Jakarta as well as Daan Mogot in West Jakarta. Twelve children passed the casting process and were selected for the main roles, while 130 children were selected as dancers and 40 children as singers, performing Indonesian dances and songs, carefully coordinated by the Gerakan Kepedulian Indonesia Foundation and trained by renowned artists. In 2020, Operet Aku Anak Rusun "Selendang Arimbi" was broadcast on KompasTV and Daai TV.

Following the musical drama project, we have recently released an inspiring song “Together for The World” to raise funds to help pandemic-affected residents. The funds raised will immediately be donated to help children in rusun stay educated and nourished amidst the pandemic. Inke Maris & Associates also supported the collaboration of Waroeng Imaji Foundation and KompasTV to hold a press conference to amplify the fundraising initiative.

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